Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In Honor of Roland Martin...White American News

OK...I probably should not do this, but the opportunity to tweak Roland Martin's nose is just to good to pass up. Roland seems to pride himself on his ability to tell White People we need to loosen up, need to accept the fact that the time has come to take the NEXT STEP in equal rights, in leveling the playing field. He was right out in front, one of the first to JUMP TO THE DEFENSE of Eric Holder when he made his "Americans are cowards" remark. Meanwhile, seems Roland is fine with his own special brand of Segregation by personal choice. No better example of this can be found than on the Essense website where Roland touts himself as THE NEWS SOURCE for Black America. Guess Roland does not feel Eric Holder's remarks were targeted at Black Folk like him. Well Roland, if you are the news source for Black America, assuming you are fine with me deciding to be the news source for WHITE AMERICA. Curious there Roland...do you ever see a point in time where you personally do not feel the need to HAVE BLACK AMERICA's NEWS? Can we just have THE NEWS?

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