Thursday, February 26, 2009

Number of Hate Groups Increasing In America...No Kidding!

Rightfully So, Hate Groups Are On Rise In America

They just had a story on CNN about a new report which shows hate groups are on the rise. Well DUH...let me explain to you why this should not be surprising.

Dwindling Opportunity + Illegal Aliens Stealing Opportunity = HATE GROUPS

In fact, the story itself was insulting, and contributes to MORE HATE GROUPS. They talked about how many undocumented Latino Immigrants are the victims of Hate Groups. First, Illegal Aliens are NOT undocumented immigrants, they are ILLEGAL ALIENS. Secondly, the race of the Illegal Alien at best is secondary. If Ireland were accounting for the majority of Illegal Aliens that are stealing our jobs our dreams, the anger of these hate groups would be aimed at Illegal Irish is the ILLEGAL PART that is feeding the anger.

Why shoudn't these people HATE? We have a Government that has ignored Illegal Aliens for two decades because of Corporate America and the Business Community's desire to have cheap wages to help drive their profits, to make them supposedly profitable, social responsibility be damned. Simply stated, this culture of corruption on the part of our government and business encouraged Illegal Aliens to come, and come in LARGE NUMBERS, encouraged Illegal Aliens to have their American Dream Lite. The fact that Illegal Aliens having their American Dream Lite meant Americans on the lowest rungs of our American Society would lose their American Dream was of no concern to them...Business and Government got addicted to this cheap labor source, and the problem got out of hand as we suddenly had 12-25 Million Illegal Aliens and their 4.5 Million Anchor Babies here stealing the jobs, dreams and food from Legal American citizens.

Intelligence says Deport those here Illegally along with their anchor babies. Problem is, the Latino population knows loosing these illegal aliens means they lose a lot of their newly found political clout, so they are pushing for Amnesty, and political astuteness combined with a certain amount of quilt has Washington DC looking at AMNESTY all dressed up as Earned Citizenship.

Again, go back to the basic equation.

Dwindling Opportunity + Illegal Aliens That Stole Our Jobs Given Citizenship = HATE, and a group of people now angry enough to begin exacting retribution.

Let me shoot it straight here Big Business, Government, and soft hearted wealthy liberals that have or are using Illegal Aliens in some fashion either as Day Laborers, Landscapers, Nannies and construction help. Not everyone can afford college, not every one should attend college. Some people are meant to be landscapers, construction workers and the like. For two decades you idiots have looked down your noses at your own citizens while hiring Illegal Aliens to save a few bucks so you can afford a second Beamer, or another home. Now because of your own shared GUILT, you want to further penalize those you put on unemployment lines by granting AMNESTY to Illegal Aliens. Now you want to act ALL SURPRISED and SHOCKED, while still being upset at the VICTIMS who are forming these HATE GROUPS.

If you let one group (Illegal Aliens) oppress another group (Legal Americans on the lower rungs of economic ladder) by stealing their jobs, by depressing their wages, HATE IS THE ONLY BY PRODUCT that will come out of that equation. Why shouldn't these people hate, and why shouldn't they take what ever actions are necessary to target their oppressors? If your job, your dignity is being wrongfully stolen, if those in a position of power are willingly letting that crime be visited upon you, don't you have the MORAL RIGHT TO EXACT REVENGE? Sure, it might be legally wrong, but I am talking MORALLY. This stupidity on the part of the so called enlightened is what creates terrorists.

Some of you may not like it, but reining in HATE GROUPS is going to require you to get back to the task of being a LAWFUL GOVERNMENT that ENFORCES ALL OF OUR LAWS instead of changing our laws to suit yourselves and your greedy goals. If our government grants Illegal Aliens Amnesty instead of deporting them, you will have Civil War, you will have riots in our streets, and you will having roving mobs in wealthy communities exacting retribution. Look at what your own greed, your own use of Illegal Aliens has visited upon America...ADMIT IT...ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE A HUGE PART OF WHY OUR ECONOMY IS IN A SHAMBLES. ILLEGAL ALIENS ARE THE ROOT CAUSE OF THESE NEW HATE GROUPS.

God how I hate stupidity on the part of those that are supposed to be America's Intellectuals. By the way CNN, you should be ASHAMED at your presentation of this story, ashamed at your own disgusting attempt to get EVEN MORE SYMPATHY FOR ILLEGAL ALIENS...they are not undocumented immigrants, they are CRIMINALS, and I understand the plight of these Americans that is driving their hate...if someone routinely stole your job, depressed your wages, and stole food from your table and took your prosparity as their own, you HAVE A MORAL RIGHT TO YOUR HATE. In fact, in too many cases all you have left is your hate, as Big Business and a CORRUPT GOVERNMENT have stolen everything else from you.

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